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Health & Fitness:Pink or Blue?

Pink or Blue?

Are you in the pink of health, or are you feeling blue? Which would it be? I love how colors are used to depict our moods and health conditions. And no - I wouldn't want anyone to say they are turning green. That wouldn't be good, now would it?

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the phrase Rest a while and run a mile’. For some, it’s a piece of cake, yet for others, it’s just the toughest part of the day; ‘running that mile’. There are many aspects to being fit to run that mile of our lives each day, and for helpful tips, I first turn to medical advice.

According to the World Health Organization, ‘Health’ is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This brings us to the question, ‘How healthy am I?’

This week, I'd like to introduce Helium's very own Dr. Deborah Bauers.

Dr. Deborah Bauers

Dr. Bauers is a freelance author and a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 30 years of experience in her field. She is the author of ‘Three Questions to Heal a Marriage’; a workbook for couples desiring a Christian marriage. Deborah also writes for, an online search engine that provides information on a variety of mental health and relational issues. She has prior experience as a newspaper mental health columnist and is an adjunct Professor for Kings College and Seminary.

Dr. Bauers is Helium’s Health and Fitness Channel Manager. In her role, she oversees article development and encourages and mentors writers who participate in her channel.

Debate: Is ADHD over diagnosed in children

Symptoms and treatment of depression

Fall Allergies: Causes, symptoms and allergies by Linda Cann Pearson gives a brief outlook of things that can give you an allergy during this season. Many suffer from Hay Fever and other allergies during summer, but this article has been an eye opener for me, considering I am so unfamiliar with the actual Fall and Winter seasons, not having experienced them where I live. I picked this article primarily on its relevance to this time of the year.

‘Brush your teeth twice a day’. We are so familiar with this rule that I hear myself repeat this to my children every night… “Brush your teeth” and again in the morning… “Brush your teeth”. However, with all this brushing, how would it benefit us if we didn’t know how to brush our teeth properly? Claire Wyatt gives us an interesting insight into 5 critical rules for brushing teeth. Now that we know them, we can sure develop a better skill at keeping our teeth clean and healthy.

Image credit: Dentist

I remember this limerick being passed around in school years ago. I think it still is.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

But if the doctor is handsome, keep the apple away.

Seriously, though, how healthy are we? Considering the way junk food has gained control over the developed world, I’d say all the doctors are drop-dead gorgeous. Or should they really be? Take a look at some of the obvious effects of junk food, in ‘The harmful effects of junk food’ by Brian Lamacraft.

Similarly, here is an article that is quite true too, to a large extent. Stop blaming obesity on your genes’, by Paul Arnold. To support and help get an easy start, here’s ‘How to recognize signs of obesity’ by Wayne Leon Learmond. This should indicate whether ‘healthy’ is the right description of how we are.

Everyone knows that walking is the best exercise. It improves one’s health and fitness levels, thereby aiding in the wellness of the body as a whole. This brings us to the part where walking has a direct effect upon the mental health of a person. Take a look at Lokemun Magar’s article ‘Why walking is good for your mental health’ for a better understanding of this topic. If you want to sharpen your senses, well, get walking.

We have a featured writer at the beginning of this post. In addition, I would also like to feature another favorite writer, Olivia Bredbenner.

Olivia Bredbenner

Olivia is a writer that many of us admire, appreciate and have come to cherish. She has had an enriching life of laughter and tears amidst family and patients. She is a Registered Nurse and has spent a major part of her life caring for patients. Olivia loves the healthcare-nursing profession and says… “My most inspirational moments were gifted to me unknowingly by my patients. I have always cared for my patients as if they were my own. This is how I believe healthcare should be given by every professional. It is a caring responsibility.” As a Registered Nurse, Olivia has been actively involved as a Nurse, Educator, Volunteer and Writer for various causes.

Controlling holiday stress

Counseling terminally ill patients and their families

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