On Our Way to Wayanad, Kerala, India

We left for Wayanad at 4:30 a.m. on the morning of December 29, 2011.  Prior to that we had packed our bags late into the night after returning from a wedding, and managed about 3 hours of sleep maybe.  We hit the road early so that we could bypass a lot of the city traffic and reach the exit from Calicut before being held up by office-goers.  Too dark to take out any pics, my first attempt at clicking snaps of the trip started when we reached Calicut at 8 a.m. and stopped for breakfast.

After we bye-passed Calicut, the road turned bumpy, dusty, narrow and under maintenance.  We had to go at snail's pace through many sections from then on.   However, the scenery was something to be enjoyed... and it turned greener and greener as the trip progressed.

I love this pic.  We begin to climb into the mountains.  

I wonder who lives here out in the wilderness

Yeah... you can see the greenery and being one with nature on the trip.  Soothing to the senses, calming to the nerves (even for the driver) and totally relaxing. 

Yep - that's where we finally reach, for our two-day homestay at Varnam in Manathawadi, in Wayanad. A totally breathtaking place altogether.  More to follow in the next post. 


  1. It looks like you had to drive over many dirt roads to get to the house. It looks like it's a very rural setting. Nice shots with your new camera! :-)

  2. Totally rustic... but this is my phone cam. Didn't have the new cam on the trip. Trying to upload more pics for the part two of this post....

  3. Beautiful country, nice and scenic. I am glad you enjoyed your trip.


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