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Creative Writing: Part 1, Expressions of the mind and soul

Expressions of the mind and soul

Creativity is a gift. Some are born with it, some cultivate it, but for the most part, it’s a trait that is so powerful when expressed. Like any expressions of creativity, creative’ words’ can transport the mind and stir the soul to a different setting, creating a hideaway, not only for the one writing, but also for the one absorbing every written word.

This week’s highlight will be on Creative Writing. Unlike what was initially planned, I am not going to restrict reviews from any of the sub-channels. Writers have been invited to send in their reviews about their favorite ‘creative writer’ or links to pieces of CW that has impressed them.

Before the reviews begin, it would be worth the while to reflect on Rex Trulove’s feedback.

“Hands down, I’d say Kat Apf. She is modest, yet her work is fantastic. She doesn’t like me mentioning it, but CW wouldn’t be what it is without her. In the words of John Rozen, the former GM for Helium, and a man of few words, “If you like the CW channel, thank Kat. She IS the CW channel.

Let’s give it up for Kat Apf, fellow writers and friends. Hip, hip, hurrah!

To complement Kat for her outstanding work at the CW channel, and to Helium at large, I have chosen a writer for ‘Writer of the Week’ who is a big fan of Kat. He says, and I quote, Thanks, Kat! You made me what I am today: in that you collected various half-rotten human body parts and sewed them together to create me. I thank you for that. I do.” It’s none other than the King of Flash Fiction, Channel Manager, Alistair Marquise (aka James Gray on Facebook).

Writer for the week:

Alistair Marquise

I have invited Alistair to tell us something about himself and his writing. From personal interaction with him and reading his work, I’d recommend you get to know him. You just can’t miss his sense of creativity and imagination.

“As far as my inspiration goes, I think it's hard to pin down. I'm very concerned with setting a mood in my writing. I want it to have weight that stays with you after you've finished reading the piece. In that way, I, as a person, have made a connection with you, the reader, because there are parts of me in my writing, and if you think of the piece later, then you are, in effect, thinking of me. My pen name, my writing- all of it has been an effort to create something that exists outside of myself, because real life simply can't compete with the fantasy world that exists in my mind. I write in order to give people a glimpse into the place that I spend most of my time; my head.

As far as other writers, I would recommend these.

First is Darren Horton. He's one of the writers in my channel that is actually doing something new and fresh. Beyond that, his style is so perfect for his subject matter. I really enjoy his work.

Second is Rachel Howells. Her work is consistently amazing.

Third is Jay Maul. I'm not going to lie, some of his stuff is pretty ‘out there’, but it's for exactly that reason that I love it.

I guess that's it. Mostly, I wanted to shine some light on a few writers who I feel simply don't get their due.”

Moving on, Alexandra Heep has not one, but two favorite writers.

"Scott Scherr is a poet I met in the Helium café long ago. He is a quiet, unassuming person whose poetry I find superb but I do not think he gets enough recognition."

" Jon Coe used to be a regular but like many, real life takes him away from his passion so I would like to feature him. Helium thinks he is good too as they published him in a book with collective poems. "

She recommends that you read:

Poetry: Greed - by Scott Scherr

Poetry Being Content - by Jon Coe


Glory Lennon has been very generous with her reviews too. She doesn’t limit herself to just one writer’s work, but believes that there are many out there who should be noted for their creativity.

1. Jim Bessey, "Although quite busy with that pesky thing called real life and making a buck, still finds time every once in a while to pen a heartwarming story. He's also encouraged many others to do their best, me included! He's really given me great advice over the years. He's the big brother I never had. Love him to pieces!"

Humor: Coffee

2. Olivia Bredbenner, "always gets to the heart of any topic she catches. She always makes you feel what she feels. A wonderful gift!"

Short Stories: Childhood memories

3. Diane Quinn: "A humorous woman who can get you over the grumpies without much trying. Most times she'll leave you actually laughing out loud."

Reflections: My mother's last gift

4. Alistair Marquise: "Is the master of Flash Fiction. He can take a story and twist it so you feel totally wrung out. Don't know how he does it!"

Flash fiction: Grandma's cooking

5. Julie Helms: "Has a wonderful knack for telling a story especially those for children. Perhaps she's s kid at heart!"

Short Stories: Animal stories for children

Glory also recommends:

Novel excerpts: Unfinished business - Alexandra Heep

Essays: Love and Alzheimer’s disease - Olivia Bredbenner

Poetry: My pen - Olivia Bredbenner


To conclude the contributions of reviews, M.J. Joachim offers her support to writers of the CW Channel. She writes,

W. Diane Van Zwol : "With over 800 articles on Helium, Diane has contributed nearly half of them to the creative writing channel. Diane's poem, Heaven is a relatively short piece, considering the deep meaning revealed therein. It has a unique way of showing that preconceived notions about anything, are often useless. Similarly, Diane's short stories and flash fiction pieces like Teachers, are strong and powerful. Readers can tell she chooses her words carefully and with great purpose, making them all the more intriguing for her fans."

Amanda Dcosta "Mandy's work is thoroughly researched, intuitive and inspirational. Her CW particularly stirs emotion and addresses human need. Mandy's CW invokes a spiritual element, allowing us to pause and think about things more intensely. One of my favorites is her poem, Blessings. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention another story, Reflections: Jigsaw puzzles. As you can see, Mandy has a special way with words. I'm one of her biggest fans because she's genuine and causes me to look deep into my own heart."

As per M.J’s request, I have added my poem ‘Blessings’.

Blessings flow in various ways
it’s there for you to see
That He the Maker in His wisdom
Made Eternity.

One gentle smile is all you need
to freshen up your day.
Or hear a word of comfort
for when you go astray.

What makes the world go round and round
or stars be in their place?
What makes the rain fall from the sky
or forest fires ablaze?

It's not important what we see
As long as we know that
there is a hand that's marvelous
like a magician’s hat.

For, out of it pops loving hearts
So unexpectedly
Yet we do not see them around,
We look for wealth with greed.

Priorities on worldly things
Is what captures our hearts
and eats into each of our souls
Shredding us all apart.

If only we could all focus
on love, the greatest gift!
Then all our worldly problems
on heaven's wings will lift.

Then difficulties all around
Will only be but checks,
To ensure that our visa is stamped
No objection required.

For in the end material wealth
will fade in love's bright light.
As we with unison will sing
to our Maker's delight.


Creative Writing Guides

How to write a Shakespearean sonnet

How to write good poetry


I personally recommend the following titles for more enjoyable creative expressions.

Testimonies: Stupidest question a customer has asked me at work - by Kat Apf

Memoirs: Dating horror stories - Alexandra Heep

Short stories: Dinner with your ex-wife - Glory Lennon

Poetry: Mannequins - M. J. Joachim



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  4. I wondered about that, Glory. "Humorous woman?" Not so much with that article. Still, they say that much about humor is born from tragedy, right? (Correction to my earlier post: "winning blog idea" not "willing." :-)

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