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Computers & Technology: Electronic Toys We Can't Live Without

Electronic Toys We Can’t Live Without

Our life is surrounded by a lot of electronic toys that we just can't live without. Whether we choose to admit it or not, they are used with so much diligence. Hardly any work
we do is done without them; especially for all the earning members. Even if you work offline, as in running a small home-based business, you still need your accessories like the phone.

I have to admit that I am not really good with translating a whole lot of technological details into plain English. Neither can I explain even simple things related to the work I do in terms of the binary language. Least of all, I am still not sure I can identify which machine uses which Operating System.

I know my laptop runs on Windows, but don't ask me which version it is. That could be a bit tricky. :) Ok.. I cheated... I checked it out. I'm using Windows Vista. There is a little sticker on my laptop that says Windows Vista.

My point is... the progress in terms of computing and technological advancement is so much, that we constantly have to keep updating ourselves with the times if we want to stay in sync. Sometimes it just doesn't seem important enough to have to keep track of so much 'computer' stuff. The other day, a friend of mine was relating how she was 'so last season'... and that her grand-daughter teased her about 'needing to upgrade' herself. I haven't reached that stage yet, but even then I have so much upgrading to do when it comes to the field of computers and the technologies of our everyday tools and machines. This is something that has to be done; upgrading and keeping up with our electronic toys if we want to live in this era. Since we can't live without them, we have to grow along with them. :) The plus side is that all these electronic toys are fun to use.

Writer of the Week

This week’s choice for Writer of the Week is Rex Trulove. Apart from being the spokesperson for Helium as we know him, and a moderator for the friendly, unofficial Helium Group on Facebook, Rex is a person who is well knowledgeable about the field of computing. Being pretty techy challenged myself, I asked Rex if there was something he would like to convey about this Channel, and this is what he shares…

The computer and technology industry is constantly changing. New ways of doing or making things are being found almost daily. It is hard to imagine that the total memory on the first space probe launched by NASA was less than what is usually found in a hand-held calculator we use today.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the innovations and changes. However, this also means that new jobs are created continually, there is an almost constant need for trained people and, ultimately, the consumer is the one who wins.

A person doesn't need to be an expert, though, in order to reap the benefits of the technological era. There are also many articles that help with understanding and which can be fascinating reading.

Thanks Rex. We have to agree that technology is constantly changing. But with these changes we also have to learn how to maintain and look after the gadgets of today. Take for example the laptop. How do you look after your laptop? Do you handle it with care and keep it away from material such as linen on the bed or from dust and dirt that clutter on the desk? Do you carry it around too often and bang it about; even perhaps dropping it? Sam E. Jones shares his thoughts on how you can take care of a laptop and laptop screen. At some point, the points he addresses come in handy. If you want you laptop to last you a longer time than guaranteed, you just have to take care of it well.

I am often confused about the phones that are in the market. Each company tries to sell theirs based on better performance or features or applications that are part of the product. One would be tempted to save up for and buy an expensive phone. I'm not saying you don't deserve it. But be on the watch out for advice regarding phones. Wendy Finn tells us why we shouldn't bother waiting for the iPhone 5. Yes.. we're talking about the iPhone, folks.

Many of us have to rely on our Computers to carry out our work. As writers, this is the equipment we use to be able to convert our creativity to a product that sells; our writing. It is therefore an advantage when you know how to put a computer together by yourself. Find out why Gerald Lucey thinks so.

Is it healthy to replace real world interaction with online connections? Surely, as many have made bad connections, there are also a vast many that have benefited from getting to know colleagues and acquaintances across the internet. However, Elizabeth M. Young tells us how the internet has undermined social interaction.

Unavoidable as it may be with online interaction Dawn Hawkins stresses on the need for good online etiquette. Read what she has to say in 'Thoughts about online behavior and etiquette'.

Many of us are quite familiar with the essential time-saving keyboard shortcuts. However, for those who still have trouble with saving time while working at the computer may follow up on what Steve Burden has to share regarding this. You will find that its worth the effort to spend some time learning how to use shortcuts to save work time.

Come in as highly recommended by Rex, Janet Pieterse gives important details on how you may choose a computer. This article might be quite a few years old; but it is still relevant today and contains very reliable information.

Now here's one very important topic that many parents have to consider. Should children be encouraged to play with electronic gadgets. Some would say 'yes'. Some would say 'no'. Some would say..'within reasonable limits'. But electronic gadgets can be bad for kids. Take a look at kids of today. They hardly exercise. Their grades drop in school when they have spent excessive amounts of time on video and computer games, and they hardly ever interact with society around them. Leigh Goessl also describes how electronic gadgets can become an addiction.

iPads have revolutionized the face of technology. It is so convenient to carry an iPad around, work where you want to, type on it... and write your articles. It is a convenient accessory for the business mind and has so many applications to make working on an iPad easy. Danielle Eickenhorst outlines the basics of How the iPad works, so that you may be able to navigate around the different Apps with ease and also know what programs to download and install for your specific work use.

Hmmmm... I think this was more like a session that I required than anyone else. Quite an eye-opener! I thank Rex for directing me through some of this content. I have found this pretty interesting and I hope you did too. :)


  1. Thank goodness for this kind of technology. Life would be a whole lot lonelier without a computer and the internet.

  2. Love to use it. Just don't ask me to understand it! Another great post, Amanda.

  3. Thanks Ladies. Am glad we became friends this way.... (online and definitely through the use of computers). Thanks for stopping by.

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