In Wayanad - at Varnam Homestay and Around

We reached Wayanad at around 12:30 p.m. (after having left home at 4:30 in the morning).  That makes 8 whole hours on the road.  Guess you could say we were tired.  I didn't sleep the entire drive as I wanted to look out and enjoy the view.   

The entrance can be seen....  that dirt road pathway.  Totally rustic and set in the mountains.  Gotta love the entire peace and quiet of the place. 

Cages full of rabbits...  (close up of one shown)

Paddy fields nearby  - already harvested 

This was pretty close to sunset 

That's what it turned out to be all of a sudden... 

A close -up flash view with the sunset facing the kids...  You can see the tree-house in the background. 

Yep - I managed to get the sunset-look of the place we stayed at. 
One with nature here! No other house within a couple of miles around, I think. 

Chatting with our host Varghese (the man sitting on the parapet)... before heading to bed

Other guests who were also there when we visited... 

The evidence of a barbecue party we had that evening... which was repeated the following night too.  I have to say our hosts were wonderful people.  

Nothing like having a bonfire...  except there were no marshmallows.... 


Exploring the recreational facilities provided 

A small library

Kids loved playing tennis

An all-time addicting game - Caroms

The carom board - for some reason  the carom-men were blue and not black.  I found that odd initially, but it didn't stop us from having fun at some friendly matches. 

A table to sit around and play cards or read or for the kids to do some drawing...   The dining space is in the far back... 

A morning view from the entrance ... 

chatting  with Dawn, the landlord's son. 

One of the families had to leave the next day... and it was time to say goodbye... but we had fun with them the previous day with the barbecue and games. 

Their kids and ours... 

A group snap before they leave... 

Yay... Bunnies!

She wouldn't let go of them.... 

After this we drove out to see the place and the mountain-side.  A lot of hairpin bends and uneven terrain, along with narrow roads around the slopes.  I was not able to click any proper pics as we were on the move and had to keep pace with another vehicle that we were following. 

Sightseeing...  visiting the Banasura Sagar Dam

At the ticket counter... 

Heading towards the Dam

View from the Dam
Now which is prettier - this dazzling smile or the view of the landscape in the background? 

Zooming in ...

Uncle Nelson and Princess Ruru... 

The rubber plantations behind Josh

The parking lot in front of the Dam with stalls around selling handicrafts, tea, coffee and spices... 
Coconut tree products are common here. 

Wayanad State rubber plantations that stretch beyond the road from the Dam... 

A pic to conclude this post....  taken out before we drove out to the dam. 

Now that's what I call relaxation! 


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