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Motivating the mind to think 'BUSINESS'

Earnings are short; expenses are soaring high and all that we hear is ‘there’s not enough to keep us going’. Unemployment is on the rise and with added number of broken families, expense splits have only doubled.

There has to be a way to deal with this crisis and one of the main ways to battle this is by turning to one's own resources and talents. Well then folks; let's do it together.

It's Time to make a difference in our lives and we're going to do it the business way. Let's get down to BUSINESS.

Business is all about the money. You invest funds to gain funds... or you invest time and talent to reap monetary benefits. Business involves the execution of an individual or collective plan that may vary from simple to complex operations and projects.

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People are constantly involved in some form of business strategy or another. It may range from Small, Home-based businesses to Large Enterprises consisting of many employees. As the gradation of improvement increases, so does the gradation of complexity. Likewise, the risk and gamble involved with a business can make or break your financial score. Lets take a look at some main features involved with setting up a business and running it. While this might be green turf for the business mind, this might also be a window, opening to possibilities for those unfamiliar. This comes especially handy when you're clutching at straws, almost sinking, and looking for some means to add pennies to your coffers.

Are you interested in starting a business of your own? Calvin Merrick gives us his ideas on how you can start a business without money.

Without money????

Yep, that's right. Without money.

Fact is, there are so many things we can do without money. I have a sewing machine and am skilled at sewing. The opportunities to earn via sewing clothes are open right there for me. All I have to do is harness this skill. Similarly, if you are skilled at artwork, maybe it’s time for you to start a class to teach little kids how to draw and paint or do little crafts activities. Initially it might not pay you well, but the investment costs are only your time and skill. Especially handy when one's unemployed, I must say.

On the flip-side, should you require to invest funds into a new business, government grants and loans come in handy, especially for women-owned and minority businesses. John Garger walks us though "Are Government Grants real or Hype?"

Oh.. you tell yourself that you're either not a woman or you're not eligible for a loan. What then are your start up costs? Anyone starting a business has to be forewarned and prepared for all costs involved with a business venture. Perhaps "The True Costs of Starting Up a Small Business" by W. A. Swan can shed light on what could otherwise be a very worrisome start.

I hope by now you are encouraged to think of stepping into something to make ends meet. You know, there are so many things we can do to earn more income, but half the time we're just too scared to even think about it. So then.... what would it be next once we think of starting a business?

There are many options for a business venture. Sometimes it can be based on the place we live in. For example, M. J. Joachim describes how you can start a business in Wisconsin. This can apply to wherever you are and not necessarily to Wisconsin alone.

Other options can be based on things that you CAN DO as a business. Adam Clark has a lot of suggestions to offer as the Best home-based businesses for stay at home moms. Ladies, there's so much that we can do. Identify your skill or talent and you're off to a good start.

I can see you still haggling between options and wondering if you really should get into a business venture. Or even still.... "Will others pay for my services or products?" It could be that you require guidance of how to study your market. In other words, you need to know what you can sell and who will buy it. Proven methods over a period of years have given rise to research tools such as the "Pestle Analysis" Use this tool to gauge your customer base, your product or service range and to modify your plans accordingly. Using this tool at the start of a business will lessen business risks to a large extent.

Uh oh... did we just say Business Risks? Yep. Business Risks can and do occur if you do not plan your start right. But then again, all is not lost. You have to take some risks to achieve some gains. And many times, the larger the risk, the larger the gains (or the loss). However, if you want to minimize your risks, you have to do a bit of homework about your business setting.Understanding the different approaches to Risk Management outlines the basics or the importance of identifying and assessing risks.

By now.. you’re are all set to launch your business. So let's turn our attention to Shaheen Darr. In '10 secrets to success in franchising', Shaheen reveals the most important tips to succeeding as a franchisee; ie., should you want to partner with another business. At the same time its also important to know 'what successful businesses have in common'. Being armed and geared and prepared can get you a head start in comparison to businesses that start out without any specific goal in mind.

Ok... here's assuming you've started a business and it's off to a great start. You're full of enthusiasm, energy and drive. The honeymoon period is almost over and then you see that you're in for the real deal. You're business has grown a bit, you've hired a few employees and your services or products are coming along just fine. Well, almost. Somehow there are just too many loose ends to tie up and the whole business structure doesn't seem to be balancing out as you planned.Leigh Goessl steps in with her advice on 'Essential management skills' that any enterprising individual should be skilled at. There you have it.. all spelled out for you. What more do you need?


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