Monday, November 28, 2011

Help! It's Not Easy Being Green

Go Green!

A few days ago I was watching a YouTube video of Kermit the Frog singing 'It's not easy being green'... and it seemed so apt for what our planet Earth probably worries about.  All that was once beautifully green is now turned into concrete deserts called metros and big cities.   

Last week when I published my blog on Home & Garden, Diane wrote to me with a suggestion that I liked immediately.  She suggested that I organize a post on Go Green as a lot of it is related to Home & Garden and how we use the resources freely within our reach.

One of the first things that came to mind when I thought of 'Go Green' is a song -  Earth Song, by the late Michael Jackson.  The video is absolutely brilliant, and one can see the way the earth is being affected as a result of our actions.  Please do take the time to watch the video.

I’d like to take this time to thank Diane for her idea, and to also showcase her for her contributions to saving the environment, in her own way.  We could learn from her a valuable lesson or two, or be motivated to ‘think green’.  


Living in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada after growing up among the lush, forested hills of Southern Pennsylvania where every road seems to cross a creek or river, have been a 20-year environmental epiphany.

For the first 43 years of my life, I never had to think about wasting water, but now I think about it every day.  I also think about the obvious benefits of solar energy as I enjoy what seems like 345 days of sun each year.  

My eastern, green thumb took on the often painful challenge learning what ‘xeriscape’ meant when trying to create beauty amid rivers of rock and dirt.  These are some of the green things I wonder about and sometimes I even get to write about as a freelance writer.

I have also come to understand that I was living with overwhelming amounts of chemicals around me.  In the air I breathed, in the cleaning products I used, and even in the foods I was eating.  Since then, I have set about to make serious ‘green’ changes in my home and lifestyle.

My article featured here about ‘green cleaning’ was written early in my re-education process, yet the tips are still worthwhile.  Whenever I pull out my box of baking soda, I can hear my mom whispering in my ear, “See, I told you to use baking soda in your laundry!”

Here’s a special surprise for someone who’s celebrating her birthday today.  Happy Birthday Nan.   Check out Nan Keltie’s article Kid-friendly garden ideas.  If you want the next generation too to learn about green living and saving the planet, there’s no better place to start than in your yard with your children.  Teach them how to grow a garden and care for plants.  In turn, they will grow up to cherish that which is also beyond their garden limits.

The next writer that I have the pleasure of featuring today is Ann Marie Dwyer.  She has been of immense help with her contributions towards Green Living.

Ann Marie is a lifelong champion of preserving the environment.  From early years scouring woods for artifacts and removing human presence, to teaching toddlers to recycle, she brings information to the fore which would otherwise be obscured in the interest of profit.

Look for features on water (fresh and salt), air, trees and manufacturing.  Check out connections to other environmentally-minded zones from her page Ann Marie Goes Green.
Here are some of her Green Living contributions. 

Saving Money in Your Sink - 50 ways to conserve water

 What about animals and pets?  How do we take care of them the green way?  No, I don't mean that we have to turn them into vegetarians.  That would be another form of green revolt if we did...  but how about using products for them that are eco-friendly and recycled. Conny Manero lends her suggestions on the best eco-friendly gifts for pet owners.  

While we talk about going green and saving the planet, there are so many factors that are beyond our reach; to take care of.  Yes, you can blame it on politics and the 'green-note' bureaucrats.  Funny I should say green-notes, when they do not do their part to 'go-green', or they are literally going green with filling their coffers and allowing the notes to add on. Take for instance the nuclear power blasts at Japan when the earthquake happened and the tsunami followed on March 11, 2011. There was so much radiation from nuclear power blasts in Japan, that so many lives were in danger, and I mean, for those who escaped the earthquake and tsunami. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... If nature won't get you, politics must!  

On the topic of Green Living, here are some points that we can bear in mind. 

- think green
- conserve water
- switch off lights, fans and air-conditioners when not in use
- switch off plugged-in devices when not in use
- save paper  (wasting paper means excessive and unnecessary cutting down of trees)
- recycle material
- reuse material around the house before it can be disposed off or discarded
- natural material such as wood may be stored and used for various useful applications
- if possible, grow your own veggies,
- use natural and bio-degradable material for various applications if possible
- go organic; unwanted chemicals and pesticides harm the ecosystem
- adopt habits, mannerisms and a mind set to be ever conscious about cleanliness of the places we live in 

These are just a few points that I could mention from the top of my head without investing time and research into.  Bottom line, we should love and cherish the earth, for this is what we leave behind for the next generation.  This, coupled with the spirit of who we are makes a great combination.  Either we can embrace or we can disregard the beauty of Creation.  Our actions display the choice we make. 


  1. Thank you, Mandy! I'm happy to be associated with such an important topic. Your title nails one of the problems why more adults aren't taking the green movement more ain't easy! Love the MJ video...great choice!

  2. Very nice to see Diane front and center! Beautiful video choice too.

  3. Love this! Thank you for including me, as I am in very good company!

  4. LOL.. I just noticed, MJ is the only thorn among all the roses here. I didn't realize that all the writers mentioned here are ladies.

  5. Great post, Mandy! And don't forget mulching, mulching, and mulching, not necessarily in that order. Once you begin the practice of mulching, it will become obvious how advantageous it is. It conserves moisture, saves water, suppresses unwanted weed growth-- and feeds micro-nutrients to your garden at the same time!

  6. Indeed, Raymond. Mulching is important in desert xeriscaping too for the same reasons you mention. I don't have a garden, but mulching should become a way of life for every gardener no matter the type of landscaping or climate.

    Michael is welcome, Mandy. His song fits in perfectly.

  7. Yes, Raymond... mulching is very important. There's so much that mulching helps with, especially when it comes to conserving water and keeping many plant pests at bay. I'm glad you mentioned it.

    Teresa - always a joy to see you around. Thanks for stopping by.

    Diane - MJ's song is the only one that came to mind. lol... I'm not a fan of his music but have to admit he's sung quite a few remarkable hits; apt and meaningful.


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